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OMG this is a true story of be careful what you wish for..\
THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I truly have f*cked my life.  My wife and I had 3 children and she went from being 5’3 and 120 pounds to weighing 190 after the kids.  Sex sucked because she was so fat, so I started sleeping around and 3 years after she caught on.  Instead of breaking up, she chose to forgive me and we went to couples therapy and I laid it out how her being fat made me not be attracted to her.  So, that very night she dedicated herself to getting fit.  Long story short, 16 months later and my wife has dropped 60 pounds and has muscles and a 6 pack.  She looks very similar to these girls in the picture.  Now here is the issue, Im less attracted to her than when she was fat.  Now she eats crazy healthy food that taste like sh*t and she eats so much fish, in the mornings she tells me how she only poops fish oil.  Then I have to deal with all the HGH she is on, which causes her to talk like a man and break out everywhere.  I swear I thought I was having sex with a man last time we did, her junk is at least 1 inch long.  I’m literally lost about what to do.  Do I start cheating again or just end this, because her temper is insane and I’m scared she will stab me in my sleep.
End it bro. The more sex you have with her the more gay you will become.- nik

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