@KanyeWest Controversy over "New Slave" Track

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Kanye West the man who doesn't care for much attention on the street as he does off in the studio or on stage (see Kanye West Slice of Humble Pie .) Has landed himself in some hot water with Houston Officials, not allowing the 3 attempted premiers of the video to air in different parts of the city. One showing citing technical difficulties and the other two venues of show the cops just showed up in from what I hear were peaceful crowds and asked everyone to disperse prior to the showing of the controversial clip.  For somebody who doesn't care for much attention he sure has a way of garnering it.  The moral of this story for Moral Mondays is "Sit yo ass down somewhere Kanye". (Click read more to check out the Track)

My Honest Opinion: Is the song is dope in the sense that its speaks volumes on not just the racial aspect of America right now but exposes the different attitudes we hold amongst classes; That scares people of the upper crest to know that minorities could educate themselves in anyway especially through someone who's so influential in the world.  Not to say Kanye West wont be here much longer but this song sounds like his stab at Corporate America.  He didn't sound as though he was very happy at all with his current situation.  Besides having to Put up with the Kardashian Klan he has to prepare to being a new father and keeping his sexual exploits under wraps..But as my mama says all the things done in the dark shall come to light.  I really have nothing else to say about Kanye West other then get it together..Its one thing to promote a message but its another one to stand by it.  So stop with all the randomness pick a side and stick with it..

Update** 5/29/13 Im hearing on the low that the reason his video didn't get played in Houston was the cops thought it was offensive to White people..wow!

  • Sit Down
  • Take multiple seats, until his number is called.
  • Marry Kim then offer her one of his multiple seats.
  • Buy the baby a seat so it knows what it should do once born.
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