Kanye Embarrassed,gets a slice of Humble pie.

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So not to say I'm celebrating Kanye West being embarrassed, but the fact it made him seem more human.  People get so caught up in there cockiness and fame sometime that God finds away to bring them back down to earth.  This is the life you asked for so why get mad.  If this isn't what you want then stay out the press. Don't do another Album, Fragrance or clothing line; Sit yo ass down somewhere.  I'd gladly trade places with you. (Click Read More)People in my business all the time and nobody paying me for it #IJS.   So sit back relax and get ready to see something that's sinfully hilarious.. Somebody call Kanye and tell him he had the best bust my face video of the year #Ridiculousness got nothing on this... lol Sorry God this was to funny..Forgive me.