DaTrill Reason Scrappy Beatup StevieJ #Love&HipHopATL

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So according to my boy Jacky Jasper-DOHSK

HSK Exclusive - If Scrappy had his way, he’d have you believe his beef with Stevie J is over a few choice words Joseline’s ‘manager’ said to the rapper’s estranged lady. But, that’s not exactly true…
HSK has exclusively learned the real reason behind the beef leading to the fight between the men – set to air next week – all stems from Scrappy’s secret yearning to get with Joseline. It’s an infatuation which Joseline is no stranger to, and a situation that we’ll later see she shared with Erica. That’s exactly why the shit hit the fan between the two women, leading their men to intervene and clash themselves.
But, that’s not all! Insiders exclusively reveal to HSK the fight isn’t the only dramatic product of Scrappy’s secret infatuation for Joseline. They say the rapper’s crush is what led Scrappy to make the decision to pack up and move out of the home he shared with his longtime lady, Erica!
Here’s the drop:

“Everybody thinks Stevie J and Scrappy’s beef is about Erica, but it’s not. Scrappy is really mad because Stevie J is with Joseline. That’s why Scrappy is moving out on his own, he doesn’t want Erica.
When Scrappy and Stevie got into it and started pushing each other, Joseline jumped in the middle. Erica said ‘Who’s this hoe?’ At that time, Erica had never met Joseline before. Back when the cast had their party, Erica wasn’t there. So, when Joseline told Erica ‘Your man wants me, he’s been trying to get with me” the beef between Joseline and Erica began.
Stevie J and Scrappy broke it up before things really popped off. Scrappy and Stevie began pushing each other. Joseline jumped in and was knocked to the floor. That’s when security intervened, and Stevie J caught a beat down.
Scrappy is pissed because he knows he fucked up his chance to bump Joseline away from Stevie J. That’s why Scrappy punched the sheet metal fence.”
Now it makes sense..Everything I heard prior is all coming together..This was far from staged...