Dallas Legend @OGKottonMouth Interview

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I was honored to be blessed to have a chance to sit down and talk with Dallas,TX own Living Legend OG KottonMouth Jesse.   I felt the need to have this sit down, because I see the lack of knowledge not only the young ones from this generation but also of mines that we have on Dallas Hip Hop.So to name a few of the O.G.'s of Dallas Hip Hop Starting with Nemesis,KottonMouth Jesse, Mad Flava Boys, Mr.Pookie, Mr.Lucci and The D.O.C all hail and reign from the D*Town;  Made noise on our behalf but somewhere along the way we lost touch with our history and got caught up in every other coast goings ons.  I can admit I had fallen victim to not knowing of our rich "Hip Hop" history.  I've hung out with Legends around Dallas and failed to recognize there significance in our roots of Dallas.  (Check out what he has to say about Biggie Smalls and his start on the Dallas Hip Hop Scene in the video Below) Click to see  & read more

KottonMouth has made his prescence known all over in and outside of Texas. He's affiliated with major artist from Houston from being raised there off and on for part of his life. So alot of times people get it twisted as far as where he's from.  But if you ask him he'll tell you "He's South Dallas all day".  One of Jesse's Best Friends a kid by the name of Tray's death inspired Jesse to get into the music game and out the streets.Which eventually led  KottonMouth starting off with a group out of SanAntonio,TX called P.K.O. just going by Jesse, prior to KottonMouth Jesse ever existing (Check The Video Below).  A voice he's been since then in these streets he's been sharing his stories through "Rhyme and Reason".  Relaying  a message of his struggle.  The one thing I picked up on from his that he doesn't want to stand in anyones way of making it out of Dallas.  But instead you can hear the encouragement through his words to all the younger artist who have a dream.  Its not easy selling one record out here with a label, imagine doing over 70,000 independent.  Now mind you that independently is alot more money then alot of artist even see upfront.  So its been a blessing that he's come so far.  Be on the lookout for his new CD Entitled "Calling all Hogs" and check the video below.

To say that we never had a voice of Dallas is insulting theres so many great people who've held us down over the years, even now KottonMouth keeps a fresh up to date beat and swagg about himself and his music.  You can go cop that Dallas HardHitters with Features from other "Great Up and Coming" Rappers from Dallas such as my boys T.Cash, Young Black, Dougski G, Pooca Leroy and thats just to name a few.  All I can say is Dallas has our own Swagg, History and Legends we need to support.  Stop and take the time to appreciate our music and show more love.  I honestly believe this is our time and we need to put the spotlight on all our artist.  Teach our children, the ones out here with the aspirations of becoming rappers where and what that history consist of.  Why, you ask.  Because it leads to inspiration, clear leadership and guidance so that way younger rappers of our times can learn and evolve from anothers mistakes or blessings.  However you want to see it.  Rap has always been considered an art form just like anything else that has an expression or a feel of a story being told. Its like anything else in life you "Live and you learn".  So I hope this interview was an inspiration for you to dig deeper into our history so that way your mind isn't so dilluted as to us not having one.

(Check the Biggie Smalls interview in Dallas Thanks to another Legend Pikahsso.)

Alot of people may have forgot but back in the early 90's A group of emcees & writters was doing big things in the DFW Music Scene and they were called the Starvyn Artist not only did they rap they had a underground magazine which was the pulse of the streets. Starvyn interviewed everyone from Outkast, to Guru, Master Ace but one that sticks out the most is when they interviewed the legendary Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls with Craig Mack back in 1994 at the Arista BMG Dallas Office Branch.Starvyn Artist which consisted of Aziz, James Shepherd, PiKaHsSo, Brian Berry, Michael Bailey, Vernon Norris, Anwar, Swiss Da Big Cheese & Kevin had no idea at the time that they where interview one of the humans who grew to be one of the biggest icons & hiphop.