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Teyana Taylor Iman Shumpert

Beautiful Couple...Teyana Taylor & NBA Star Iman Shumpert (Boo'd Up)

Shout out to SandraRose.Com for the scoop.  Except my opinion is very opposite of Sandra's which is I don't feel as though people are jealous of her.  I believe there is another word to describe it, which I'll elude to further along in my elaborate break down as to why people are so intrigued about Teyana's Sex Life/Celebrity.

 I and alot of  other people around the world, first seen her on MTV's Sweet 16. I cant speak for others, all I can say is when I first seen it, I actually started to like her.  I was bumping & still do bump the "Google Me" I feel like she should of been able to capitalized and marketed better by Pharrell at the time.  He could've of gotten her to perform at so many Google events or had that song in a Google Commercial of some sorts by now. 

 It was also refreshing to see how beautiful her spirit was and encouraging she was for a lot of young girls out there by preaching Abstinence. A lot of people fail to realize that the root of every ones interest in her sex life/relationships is what she said in this article below. 

 Even a lot of what you've posted in the past has influenced what people have to say or think about her.  It only behooves someone to be curious as what her V-Card Status, but with her slew of failed naked pic leaks and the constant accusations of her home wrecking. 

We're all at the edge of our seats wondering if some one is going to pull a Ray J and claim "They hit it first".. I'm just saying damn we know now there's been more then one without question the least she could do is tell or hint to us all who her first was. 

Not to say that's anybody's business but neither was that she was a Virgin, she could of kept that to herself and her congregation, if she didn't want to share in the particulars afterwards. 

Then again when you look back at the article she didn't say she was going to wait til she was married, just til she was ready.  Shrugs shoulders..

So the word that should replace Jealous should be Love.  Because if people didn't love Teyana Taylor they wouldn't write about her. Nor care about what she was doing.  I just hate seeing her grow up as fast as she did. 

Words of Advice for Teyana Taylor

1. Keep any Hoe, you call a Friend away from your man, no need to introduce. ( Uhhh you know who I'm talking about, I cant think of her name.  Cause you stay more relevant than her.)

2.Dont be sending naked selfies and to no one, no more and ever again.  I cant take not one more leaked photo.

3. Keep doing your music, your way.  I love what you been putting out lately.