Rosci D. Axed From E! Amid Homewrecker Rumors

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               Rocsi Fired ET

It's Rosci Diaz are we really surprised.  Wouldn't be the first home she wrecked ask Lisa McCoy Former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands.

HSK Exclusive - Word on the curb is that, Entertainment Tonight host, Rocsi Diaz, will not have her contract renewed… Know why? Allegedly, Rocsi was smashing a married producer of the show… eventually said producers wife found out.
Here’s what’s reported:
“Nishelle Turner from Showbiz Tonight is going to replace Rocsi Diaz”
Here’s the drop:
“It was Eddie Murphy who pulled some strings and got Rocsi her hosting gig at ET. Rocsi got in and she started smashing one of the producers of the show. When it was time to renegotiate her contract.. Well you see where that’s going.”
Rocsi responded by posting photos of her on the ET set.

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