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                     Not So Happy Hour...

Razoo's Cedar Hill,Tx

I get here it started off nice,  I found me a quite little corner. Everyone up to this point failed to tell me the side I chose to sit on in the booth, that right behind me was a cabinet where they keep office documents and what not.
   I was greeted and seated.  I ordered my food and this woman comes up to me 5 min later and was like I need to get somethings out that cabinet; I said ok thinking she was going to grab something right quick, she takes her precious time picking up randon sheets of paper, grabs a book or two, made it look real important right.

  I'm standing there dancing for two min behind her trying to make casual conversation, the chick didn't want to say nothing nor respond to me.  Ok wait it gets more Disrespectful.
So 10 min later my food comes.  I didn't get to it right away, I finish up what I was doing on my computer and letting my food cool down.  Low and behold I turn to my right and she's grinning looking at me talking about "I Need to get in the cabinet again",  I said "I'm so sorry for that I just got my food, so you can come back another time".  She said "Just one last time,please".  I said "No ma'am you can wait til I'm done, you should of gotten everything you needed when you were here before.  She said ok and walked off and that was 25 min ago.

First I didn't come here to be getting up and down and if you all are going to utilize this space as an office component there should be a sign that say's don't sit here.  Or maybe you close down the booth altogether.  I found it quite disrespectful she felt she could come inconvenience me at her leisure as though she wanted to teach me "I'm to get up at her request, with out any recourse for myself into doing so. 

So I cracked open my laptop and proceeded in writing this article and I'm wishing she come over here one more time so I can say make her an offer "I'll move just as soon as you find someone to Comp this meal for me".  Now catch that Tea.  I double dog dare her..  I'll update you let you know if he comes to that.. I think I shamed her away..  But she gone pay if I have to get up one more time either way.

There was a camera right above my head, so I knew she could see me from the office she was working in (She was dressed in server outfit, more like back office).  I felt she was sitting back there and seen me sit on the side where the cabinet is on and decided she was gone teach me this  washer area.

Oh yea the fish was to soft  and bland (no amount of salt or lemon I put on there gave it any flavor)not crunchy like you expect fried filets to be, they might as well been baked. The hush puppy might as well been fried wheat bread, just no flavor.  The fries were the only I could taste, simply because whoever prepared them took the liberty to douse thems with Lawry's season, as only they could like them.  The service I had was excellent, Go check her out at the bar She look like Bobby Kristina but Cuter. 

Update: She Never came back to that cabinet (It's the one behind my head in the picture)not while I was there and I was there for a good hour and a half.