Wiz Khalifa 2 Amber Rose "I Aint The Pappy"

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Wow I knew that baby looked nothing like him.. And the story gets more interesting....Hmm Sip this tea.. (blows into mug) Great Sleuthing MediaTakeout.com. 

First there were reports of her Cheating with her new Man-age Nick Cannon, which he later came out and denied.  Now this Wiz Says Se-bastard I mean Sebastian Isn't His , what a turn of events I mean she just filed the other day.  I guess he wants it to be known. Now looking at the little boy he doesn't look anything like him.

  I knew something was up when he was in Dallas for his "We Dem Boys" tour he was doing an on air interview with a Dallas Radio Shock Jock Vida Loca (I think).. She was like how's being on the road, he was like "Its crazy you get chicks doing crazy shit, and throwing themselves at you and its just real fun.  And I was thinking to myself that's not something a married man should be saying.


MediaTakeOut.com just caught wind of some SUPER EXPLOSIVE NEWS. We just spoke with one of Wiz Khalifah's homies - who tells us that Wiz suspects that Amber Rose was CHEATING ON HIM with multiple men THROUGHOUT THE COURSE OF THEIR MARRIAGE.

The list of men who Wiz suspects were SMASHING HIS WIFE include FAMOUS ACTOR Jamie Foxx, Nick Cannon, and a popular Los Angeles model photographer. But not every person that Wiz suspects was SMASHING HIS WIFE is famous.

MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY reports that Wiz suspects that Amber and her assistant/chaueffer carried on an elicit affair. You remember the guy . . . he's the one who we said coincidentally looked like Amber's son Sabastian.

LAWWWWWDDDD this divorce is about to get MESSSY . . . we're talking FILTHY . . . NASTY . . . SUCIO!!!