Tyrese Trumped Up Baby Mama Drama!

                                      Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party W.Random Chick

The funny part about this I was just posting about the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party pics and saying that "Tyrese is never in a serious relationship with anybody.  Nobody can even confirm the names of his baby mama's off the top of there head." Now this comes out, its like they were saying but contraire mon frère but at least one of my baby mama's matter.  Read the story its almost as if they made a big ass mountain out of a mole hill..

Tyrese Gibson claims his baby mama is using Paul Walker's death to shame him in their child custody war ... TMZ has learned.

Norma Gibson filed court docs claiming Tyrese is a bad dad, who should have stayed in L.A. to spend time with their 6-year-old daughter after Paul Walker's death ... because he had time on his hands since "Fast & Furious 7" was put on hold.

Norma says Tyrese blew off his little girl, choosing instead to go "gallivanting throughout Dubai ... staying in expensive hotels ... partying on yachts, sky-diving with other movie stars, driving expensive cars, and making special appearances in night clubs."

But sources close to Tyrese say he's indignant Norma is using Paul ... and he went to Dubai on business.  He had 4 gigs and he needed the money -- ironically to pay the child support Norma was demanding.

The court battle rages on later this month ... when they each try and convince a court-appointed child evaluator who's good and who's evil.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2014/02/01/tyrese-gibson-baby-mama-child-custody-evaluation-court-norma/#ixzz2s6FxPldw