Rick Ross & Warren Sapp Make Super Bowl Bet

Warren Sapp And Rick Ross Make Super Bowl Bet
( 4UMF NEWS ) Warren Sapp And Rick Ross Make Super Bowl Bet:
Warren Sapp better get on his knees and PRAY for Peyton Manning to have the game of his life, ’cause the guy who declared BANKRUPTCY in 2012 just made a $100,000 bet with Rick Ross that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl.

It all went down at Marquee nightclub in NYC … when the Hall of Famer made the bet with Rick in front of a ton of people. They also tweeted about the wager, so neither side can try to Aaron Rodgers their way out of this one.
As for the $100k wager — it’s PRETTY DAMN SHOCKING considering Warren has serious financial issues. It was just back in 2012 that he filed for BANKRUPTCY … and due to his brokeness, Warren’s giant collection of Nike shoes were auctioned off in Sept. 2013.
As for Rick, the guy just bought the biggest house in Georgia … so, we’re guessing he can afford it.
Maybe Sapp knows a little something about the game that we don’t.

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