Male Groupies..The New threat to Entertainment

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Ladies we get so caught up on all these ladies chasing our men in the industry and making sure they know there name (Groupie, slut, hoe, lot lizard, boppa, etc,) but what about the fellows that have been gracefully touting it up in the industry.  I mean if Married Radio DJ Mister Cee isn't cautionary tale I don't know what is.  This dude done ran through all his groupies got caught once and aint learned his lesson it wasn't but 2-3 weeks ago he was arrested for soliciting sex again from a man. SMDH now he saying somebody out to set him up.. Really so they set you up to be there at that point in time asking people for favors.  No see officer its the other way around "Your under citizens arrest for prostitution". lol...
                                            (You cant tell me he aint know this was a damn man *MisterCee)
Then you got ol boy Kerry Rhodes who ex is trying to pull him out the closet his. So his ex assistant/boo  told how him and Kerry kept the relationship under wraps all those years.  To think he's dated the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Chrissette Michelle and Vivica Fox.  \

 Jennifer Hudson, James Payton

That's why its best we start keeping our precious pocketbooks to ourselves honey.  Make these men prove themselves to us and stop accepting them as is and let them know its going to be requisite you must meet before you can come to my front door.  I have no problem with someones sexual preference or fetishes but be upfront with that from jump.  There's some couples out there that make scenarios like these work, like most relationships some are healthy and some not.  So why you sitting there worrying about all these Females eyeing your dude need to be checking out his entourage, who he keeps around him . I'm just saying lets not be Na├»ve.  I've learned 3 things about myself that would help deflect the pain in the long run if it ever happened to me. Im not going to be with another man who makes less then 40Million a year after taxes. In the pre-nuptial (Yes, Pre-nup I plan on being paid to) it'll state if you cheat on me with a woman I get half of what you made every year since we've been married and I keep the kids.  If you cheat on me with a man I get everything you've made since we've been married and you keep the kids.  I got to go find me a real man while you raise them, cause apparently that's what you wanted.   To play mama.. Im just saying.