LHHA Mimi Man Niko Cheating?!

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mimi man_cheating
( 4UMF NEWS ) MiMi Man Cheating:
We MiMi man cheating is true according to…. Peep the story: MediaTakeOut has some very SAD news to report . . .it appears that MiMi Faust’s new BF Nikko is out here RUNNING THESE SKREETS!! Click read more to check out the chick

MiMi man cheating
MediaTakeOut.com obtained a PHOTO showing MiMi’s man in a hotel room with some other chick. Nikko is very COMFORTABLY DRESSED . . . and he’s got his hand on the lady’s BUTT.
So who is the chick? Well her name is Kezia Eley a.k.a. “Ms. Own It Majeure” and she is a powerhouse in her own right. Ms.Own It said to be starring in her own reality series, which is currently in development titled “First Cousins”.
MiMi really has NO LUCK with men. It seems like every one that she chooses . .. is always up to NO GOOD!!
MiMi Man Cheating