Mark of The Beast-RFID Chips in Schools?

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President Obama or shall I say Obama cause as of right now due to the fact there disputing his origin of birth still on the low there is a Interim President thats residing over us.. Who hell I dont know but  check out this website and it will tell you everything you need to know in accordance to what I just stated.  Its time to wake up people, especially black folks if you know anything about Big Mama you know she was known to say "We are in our last days".. And now that im older I can say she wasnt that far off from the truth before she passed...But like I was saying Obama in his mandate requires all American to have the RFID Chip implanted by March 23rd,2013 and what this chip does my nycca (ninja,dude, bro,son,honey,gurl,man,woman) It monitors your every move...Now in the bible it speaks of the Mark of the beast on your right hand...Guess where they put the chip...Yes in your right hand that or your forehead or shoulder..Why? Well from my studies of the Bible its because when God was Ressurected he stood on the Right of God (His Father).. Now im not about to go quoting bible verses because its up to you to seek the truth but Revelations should be your new best friend for the next few years.Cause best believe the time is coming..

 Now the fact that this technology is being released into our schools mainly one of them being Texas concerns me cause that is close to home.. There reasoning you'd think off first thought is well we wont to keep up with them whle in school... But come on now  Read this BS and come back and comment.
They also have a chip thats already in use for alzheimer patients and for other patients who elect it to hold important medical information and documents...But did you know it could kill you check the videos and the news reports below
A public school district in Texas can require students to wear locator chips when they are on school property, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday in a case raising technology-driven privacy concerns among liberal and conservative groups alike.
US District Judge Orlando Garcia said the San Antonio Northside School District had the right to expel sophomore Andrea Hernandez, 15, from a magnet school at Jay High School, because she refused to wear the device, which is required of all students.
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