@Ms_Mobetta & @FatCheeks96 #HoodStyleDoomsDay Countdown #Updated 4x

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The countdown officially started at 9:00pm cst but we got stuck in traffic off 635. But now were ready check the first vid.. Were just getting started.  We cant sleep that wind that came through here last night had me thinking I was caught up in the rapture. I couldnt bare it another night like that alone so I kidnapped my niece and my familys dog and brought em both out here to the North Side od Dallas.  Just me my niece, Mia the Dog and my crazy azz.
9:00pm-25pm: 635 Traffic lik wtf!
10:00-10:32 We done sat hee and did 3 videos via my laptop with em slightly fuzzy then both decided, bout after  30 minutes we'd could just use our IPhones. It shows much better. Check the video below.  Me and my niece get into it...She so disrespectful its cute though.. I almost go to punch her in the face each time and she just smiles and it melts my fist away..lol J/k @Fatcheeks96. click to view more

Me On my umpteenth Corona....11:57pm
12:00pm Cheese-Its Gone
12:15pm Bored Random Pic Taken (Below).Still the world has not yet ended. So that means my credit score is still in effect and just as messed up as it was prior to the panic...For the past year I figured I'd be dead shortly so i was like Credit? Screw Credit.
12:33 am (Pic Below) So now im sitting here in awe over the fact that today was just like any otherday. It can honestly be our last at even given time. But I expected today to end just like any other.  As of now theres no reports of hell fire reigning so you to can have a goodnights sleep. I'll be up late.. So stay tuned.. Maybe Gods taking a nap and he set his alarm clock an hour from now.  lol j/k