Mother Decapitates Babies Head then Kills...

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Police say a Camden, New Jersey mother stabbed her 2-year-old son multiple times and then cut his head off and put it in a freezer, before killing herself. Chevonne Thomas, who had a history of child abuse and neglect, used a kitchen knife to decapitate Zahree Thomas.
According to NBC10, Thomas called 911 to report something had happened to her son.
“The information they were receiving was very muddled, but it led them to believe there was a child that was in jeopardy,” Camden County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Jason Laughlin told NBC10.

Police arrived at the scene to find the toddler’s mutilated body on the first floor of the residence. It was initially reported that police retreated from the home when they heard movement upstairs, because they didn’t know if the person was armed. But Laughlin said police remained at the bottom of the stairs as Thomas stabbed herself to death in an upstairs bedroom.
Police discovered Thomas’ body when they entered the residence through a second-story window a bout 5 minutes after the 911 call.
“Everybody here is very shaken up. One of the sergeant’s from my office says it’s one of the most grisly things he’s seen on the job,” said Laughlin.
Thomas lost custody of Zahree in 2010 when she was arrested for leaving the infant in a car. Prosecutors said Thomas allegedly admitted to smoking PCP and marijuana at the time.
Prosecutors say the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence and Zahree was returned to Thomas in April. Thomas also had a 18-year-old daughter.