Highly Recruited NBA Hopeful Collapses in Court..

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Damn Shame this young man ended what could of been a marvelous life being foolish and kidnapping and holding his ex-girlfriend hostage.  Him and many other members of his basketball team were being heavily recruited by several colleges across the nation. 

The two began arguing and yelling when Farmer, who is 6 feet 7 and 220 pounds, then assaulted her, Russo said according to the police report. Farmer then took her cellphone, a bank card, a laptop computer and her car keys.
Bedford Heights police said nearby residents heard the fighting and arguing and called 9-1-1. Police later arrested Farmer, who had left.
He was also indicted on a kidnapping charge because, according to the report, he "by force, threat or deception, purposely removed the victim from the place where she was found or restrained her liberty for the purpose of terrorizing or inflicting serious physical harm."