Keyshia Coles Husbands a Cheater

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Jacky Jasper

                   Keyshia Coles Cheating Hubby

Basketball Wife ‘Boobie’ Blues?

Keyshia Cole may agree, Daniel Gibson’s mother had it right when she nicknamed her NBA son ‘Boobie’. Know why? Because it seems one pair continues to not be good enough for the Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard.
That’s because sources say the pro-baller isn’t only cheating on his R&B singing wife – he’s doing it in an unprotected way!
This new infidelity information surrounding Gibson isn’t the first, since the couple married back in May 2011. But, insiders say this time Gibson took it back to a former love who he was once engaged to.
Here’s what a source had to say:

“I met Daniel back in 04 when he was at Jones H.S. He’s a hoe and has always been a hoe. He was trying to get back with LaTashia (Kerr now Kerr-Kiel) but she was hurt after he broke off their engagement and started messing with Keyshia Cole. He liked dating a superstar, but then Keyshia got washed up.
He realized he wanted that old thing back but Tashia moved on and got married on his ass. But LaTashia ran track for UT (was real good) and is now a nurse. I remember he flew an old friend of mine out to Cleveland while he was engaged to Keyshia.”
Here’s what Gibson once said of his relationship with Cole:
“From a male standpoint, I just think you’ve got to actually commit. She has to be the right one, if not, you won’t feel enough inside of you to give her everything you’ve got. If she’s the one and you hear it and feel it [From God], commit your mind, body and soul to make it work so that you can be the man God wants you to be. That’s the only way you’ll make it work. People go through things.”
Is Daniel Gibson a hypocritical Christian, practicing adultery? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keyshia Cole’s ex-manager Manny Halley.
Source Lipstick Alley