#Azealia Banks Live @Coachella #IDontGetIt

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I've been hearing buzz about her for the past couple of months, she's been beefing back and forth with Australian Rapper Iggy Azalia and doing interviews.  Which I read some parts of not fully understanding where she was coming from them. Sounded like something made up. Pretty much.. But I held no opinion of her until now with this performance in a tent full of everybody but us.. Im not sure if they were feeling the Dj more, which is more likely what they were doing because I cant see how they understood a word she was saying. She is no competition to Nicki Minaj, the only competition she can win is I said more Niggas and Bitches then nicki in one song then she has in one album.. Okay so youn dat..

My response to some black people on a website!!!
She's used more N*ggas and Bitches in her music then American Rappers use in one Album!! Are you Freaking serious.. Her flow is nice but she isnt sayin anything... I dont even understand wtf she is saying imbetween Niggas and bitches and outside the chorus.. Wtf is she serious?! You feeling this shit because why... What full sentence outside the chorus did these people understand that moved them so?! And if you felt this bull spit to, do the same & tell me without looking up the lyrics?  I am so far from hating.. The one thing I can appreciate in an Artist is there message and clearly im not getting hers.  Im da first one to let those words fly out my mouth but it is a such thang as moderation.. Ya know like stuff that can actually get play on the radin without yoursong being blanked out every 2-3 words to where we cant understand the rest of the song.. Outside the Coachella perfomance where else am I going to hear her music.. Im not going to buy this shit and damn looking her up on Youtube all the time.. I be rolling.. Anyways I have nothing more to say except parents Hide your children, dogs, cats and guns..