#NowReally Case #001 $$$ Vs.@TeyanaTaylor

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Ok, so somehow naked pictures of Teyana Taylor naked got out again. For like the umpth-teenth time in the last 4-5 non-relevant years she had before. This time she's claiming some one stole her phone and posted these pictures. (As though I'd never send these to anyone for them to leak em)The case i'm proving today is what made you "Hot Fiya" "Bon Fiya" not gone keep you that way. Were going to call Case #001-#BiatchIveHadEnuff

Exhibit A: Seedy Lodgings-*New

Today my fair jurors (Do the Ace Poll After the Facts) I'd to prove without a shadow of a doubt, that we've all had enuff of this. Not even her just the Melarchy (In my Irish accent) that she's throwing in our face. As to say your dumb enough to believe that these NOT! One. NOT! Two. Maybe not even 3. Set of pictures have gotten leaked. I honestly lost count after 2 cause thats when I had ENUFF! Now I just refuse to take it! Ok now if you take a look at Evidence I'm submitting Exhibit A (Photo'd above)

Seedy Lodgings simply because "The Ritz" would of demolished that Bathroom Centuries ago and "Trump Towers" wall for they dumpster look better then that. I bet your going, "She could just be at home!" I know thats not the case cause who has pamphlets hanging on they nook in they actual bathroom? And if it she is at home, I'd wish somebody clean the dirt out the lining of the tile. Before, I lose my mind. Whatever the point thats not a sexy scene nor backdrop to be a person of what you'd like to call a woman of her "Stature" caught dead in! Taking no Lingerie pictures.. Even I first glance and go Damn! Like wow nice bod! But bout time my eyes take in the rest of the scene I like Damn! WTF, was she at and what ratchet person done talked her up into dat #Trap.

EXIHIBIT B: High End Room-*New

Okay, so apparently she got lucky the next night. Found another Baller and decided to Flaunt her stuff. I actually have no questions about this picture. I like it, you see less face then the last pic. Which amazes me because she so loves showing that in any other picture EXHIBITS B & C that was "leaked" funny!
                                 EXHIBIT C: A Previous Leak-*Old -Attached Article Below

You might heard about these highly talked about "naked pictures of Teyana Taylor." Seems like everyone wants her to take her clothes off... smh.

The above picture was confirmed by Teyana that it was indeed her, as well as the second one posted by gossip site Mediatakeout, well-known for it's 99% of created stories.
The picture that caused "drama" was the third one, I will not post it here, if you want to watch it, you'll find it yourself. It was confirmed that the picture was NOT Teyana. She tweeted it and another blog added that the pic was sent by an ex-friend of Teyana who said it was Teyana on it ! W O W.

This once confirms that you should always keep a close circle of real friends around you AND the uncredibility of MTO. http://teyana.over-blog.com/article-the-naked-truth-64002099.html

(Turns to Jury) Now Really! Notice how her face is purposely angled when she takes pics? Hairs, done beautiful, flawless. Make up done to the T.. Hotness. What idiot, I mean celebrity continuously gets hacked and keeps taking pictures likes these without taking pre-cautions to see it doesnt happen again.. (Turns and walks to Teyana) Like not take the photos!?..

EXHIBIT D: Naked in the Pool Infront of Cameras*Old

Now this pic is like in one of the 4th set of photos that ever has gotten out on you and all the past the one out of this Set and countless others. You've been quoted as saying "They've gotten out because of the people I trusted to send them too, leaked em" (check link to story below EXHIBIT B). (Turns and walks toward Jury) No one ever named.. Or Called out! Because she knew that if attempted to "call em out", she'd be called out for the #KrayAzz she is. (Turns to Teyana) Yes I said #KrayAzz cause you, Kray!

Let me ask you this Teyana "Who do you know or hang around you trust to topless in a pool to where if you, were to say "I was faded didn't realize it happened" and if so although your grown "How do you explain to your "Parents" and "Family" how this keeps happening? It'd be differently if you just admitted you posted em yourself, most celebrities post worst I mean look at Ice-T wife Coco taking naked pictures with her Nephew in the bed.. Eww! You couldnt even share that with him when he got older.. #Retard now the whole world knows.. The things we do to embarass our kids... Or not our kids.. Ok back to you #Teyana its not like #CoCo got random pics of herself naked with other kids.. Sure she wont do it again.,.

Now this is just now getting good..Because now i'd like for you to take a bite of this last piece of #DaReallyFile Pie

(Walks back towards jury) I'd like for the Jury to take a look at the picture below
Click To Read More NSFW!! (Nudity)

Teyana Taylor Naked 022012
EXXXHIBIT E: WhereTF is Dis?
Now Really?!
I have no idea where she could of been taking this picture..But do you want to know what I see, I see her titties, her knees and her knuckles..With her sitting down on a bench in the most unsexy manner, I imagine she could possibly think of and hides her face as she did on the other pics. (Turns to Teyana)

A not so well thought out plan,  you couldn't of thought the tweet would help argue the new lie you wanted to perpertrate "That yo phone was stolen, and out of all the sexy photos you probably had on your phone! They took 2 of the worst and a decent one and they all have yo faced block!! Broad I just wanted you to know, I @Ms_Mobetta refuse to be fool.. Yet again! I felt bad the first few times it happened to you cause you were younger.. You getting to old for dis!! Grow Up!! You dont even want me to bring up the #GangofRosesII Fiasco.

The only thing you gotta answer for yourself is "Why am I hiding my face in all these pictures".
Why so the shame could be more bearable when people started talking and calling you out on it.. It'd be easier to swallow or deny... Well honey thanks to your countless other "" Leaked photos with your Unique physique and undeniable body type it doesnt take a Blind Buddhist Monk to see thats you.

Now really! The person who stole yo phone that brilliant to hack it and get into all your accounts and info and cant spell!! (EXHIBIT F: Hackeed Twitter Post Below)
You had to do it! You just couldn't bare seeing your face in these pictures and seeing the pathetic person you were that day who took em, knowing full and well what you intended to do with them!! Could you! (Walks to defense table and takes a sip of my now perspiring 1Dolla Sweet Tea I got from McDonalds) (Turns back round looks and walks towards witness stand)

I'mma need somebody to get her a Public Relations Rep for her soon.. Thats how you know somebody aint balling when they always coming out with they own responses...They cant afford to have someone to tell em how to do stuff like this right... Now if you need one, hit me on the low..Im just saying I can put in work for ya.  There's to many other  succesful ways to keep you likeable and relevant. I'm not the only one dat done gone in check out straightfromthea.com .. But if it makes you feel better.  You can make up an account on my blog and respond like it aint chu..