Man on Flight to Tampa Pukes on Other Passengers

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"That's what people need to be concerned about that plane is still flying today and a guy in seat 13 f on delta flight 1760 "threw up in it".. 

Wow if half of what this man is saying is true,  then these people are deliberately endangering American citizens and I don't just mean the African man of unknown descent on the plane.  I'm speaking of the countless stewards on the plane who ignore and neglects to report such symptom's or events to the proper authorities.  It was the I just want to get home mentality.  We don't need this flight being held up, at the same time not caring if  put myself of anyone else at risk.  Do you know how mad I'd be had someone thrown up on me, or almost thrown up on me and you want me to go sit back next to them.  If I'm exposed by your ignorance, I'm rubbing my body all over you.