Ebola @Ms_Mobetta Reporting From Dallas,TX #EBOLA

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     (Pictured above The Ugly Side of Ebola, what Dallas could become.)

Watch what I tell you when I say that this Ebola gone help them in eliminating Paper Money. It's all going to be electronic from here. Haven't you been seeing these new touch screen sonic monitors and keypads at 7 eleven and Walmart now. I've just seen a change in the last week.

There trying to make money dangerous and debit/credit trendy that way they can really see wtf you up too.. Guess what, were not going to have a choice, I suggest if you stay in the metroplex you... stop using cash with all these workers up there running run and getn it, its there they spend it and we take the change home!!! Take heed to my warning and maybe we can avoid a pandemic and a epidemic all at once!! Only tote fresh notes from the bank if ya can.. Well hell now thinking about it you can get germs from touch screens... Then again the bank teller touch other other people money.. damn.

There really trying to fuck us over! Wow..Well let these mother fuckas know how it aint gone go down in D-Town aight! Bout to start Rocking Michael Jackson and OJ SImpson gloves like a mother fucka we gone bring that back.. Kanye West Ski Mask, the cute one he wear in his concert. ooo ooo Missy Elliot Garbage bag she wear in "The Rain".

We thought they was crazy walking around with gloves in a 100 degree weather but turns out we the fools.. O yea and heads up stay away from the flue shot it lowers your immunity for up to a year and guess how you get Ebola? Low Immune System.

. Okay and think about it you shooting a live virus in you they don't even know if its the right one year to year...
Stop taking Flu Vaccines if you want to survive period! I Warned you!! Please stop vaccinating your children..Your slow killing them.. I haven't had a flue shot in 15 years & haven't had the flu!!!!

Its like a game of chest there using the situation, hoping it spreads so Obama can call a National Emegency which would then lead to Martial Law then he'd have to forfeit the upcoming Presidential Elections because he wont consciously or politcally step down with the Constitution being suspended and Martial Law in Effect Congress wont even have a say after Martial Law.

 It would officially be a Dictatorship until he said otherwise.  He'd be the first Fidel Castro of America, we'd be in a middle of a collapse, martial law and a an epidemic.  Why do you think he's now capable of interrupting all kinds of devices, he wont be doing any more live conferences, they'll be no need to let CNN, CBS, FOX, INFOWARS, CNBC etc or anybody in the room for him to be heard or seen.  I told you weeks ago the jumper at the white house was an excuse to up his security.  Nobody will be able to touch him ever again, for fear of getting Ebola.  Which we know he's probably already vaccinated against.  The Elite have access to plenty of different treatments other's don't.   I'm just saying wake up stay safe wherever you are.. Just especially if your here in Dallas.  When you start seeing them U.N. Trucks and foreign troops get out of the city!