Word Is: Aretha Has Put Adele to Shame..

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I have to give it to Aretha Franklin, she's come a long way from cussing out people in fast food restaurants for getting her order wrong.  The Diva has something to be excited about she has a new Album dropping.  With from what I hear a world renown rendition of Adele's "Rolling in The Deep".  

 From what I understand Adele isn't the only Songstress the Ol G Diva puts to shame.  With the backing of Clive Davis;  With Grammy award winning producers such as Baby Face and Andre 3000 it's guaranteed to be a hit.  I'm at the edge of my seat. 

There's suppose to be a slated release date before the end of this month.  She wants to meet the deadline for the Grammy's which is 09/30/2014.    If not with the full hard copy at least digital by then. 

I'd love to see Aretha go Toe to Toe with some of these little girls in these categories, its to be an epic to see moment.  I don't even watch award shows, except I'd especially tune in to see that.  You go Aretha!