TX Manhunt For a 14yo Cartel Hitman?!

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Perp Not Pictured Above. (He's not of age and he's illegal all the way around, Go Figure!)

So first thing I thought when I read the Headline was, "That's why I'm not for all this Open Border mess and unaccompanied minors.  These children are coming from third world countries 14 to them is like saying 27 in adult years.  They had to grow up faster than the average child. 

This isn't the first case of mayhem an illegal or any illegal unaccompanied minor or adult has committed crimes on American soil.

I'm surprise they even admitted on the news it was an illegal minor, you know there so for pushing open borders and helping anyone out.  Which I'm all for we just need to take care of home first.  There's to much at stake there's already 92 Million Americans not Working; Saying that it sounds cruel and selfish, except you have to remember is that we are all one, we have an eclectic mix of American Citizens from all over, we don't need no more.  We need to fix the issue of the unemployed before we go inviting 10-12 million people from else where right now.  I'm not saying ever but there has to be a better solution then to just everyone in.

So ask yourself this,  are you ready to live in a Third World Country?
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