Lil Wayne & Birdman Beefing!?

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                                            Pictured Above: Cortez, Lilwayne, & Birdman

I was just wondering the other day, when I posted about Christina Milian throwing Lil Wayne a Birthday Party.  I was asking where was Baby?!  Well come to find out Wayne looking for his money. he thought he had more then wha he did and that wasn't the case.  Leaving him and all his Baby mama's salty on the cut back of finances.

I knew this day would come, where he'd be on the other side of the fence.  All the other Hot Boys went through the same thing it just took him a while longer to screw Wayne over completely.  Of course he had to squeeze him dry til Wayne caught on,  I mean he's a Cash Machine.  It's like walking away from a Hot Machine at the Casino.  Like who Cash's Out when your on a roll.. 

I'm shocked to hear Mannie Fresh is back with Cash Money working on tracks considering he aint get his money from way back..  But I guess they figure something is better then nothing.

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