K.Michelle "Liar, Liar Weave on Fire"

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I Knew it was a lie when she was sitting there upset with Rasheeda for not falling for that bull spit ass lie. I've never care for K.Michelle she has a spirit about her that isn't very welcoming and

I can only suspect anybody who's a die hard fan most likely carry that same spirit with them.  

I can't enjoy her music, simply because I don't enjoy her attitude.  Then you throw the fact she's a horrible liar into the mix then you have a "Bish Please" Shake.

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I think Mona Scott Young should count her losses and drop K Michelle from Love and Hip Hop.  I wouldn't continue having a such a high liability on the show.  At even given time she could snap and hurt somebody or lie to the detriment of your show.  The fact your having to deal with a suit, right now because the elaborate lies she tells.