French Montana Settles Divorce #Cheaper2KeepHer

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Bout time he settled that, I guess Khloe lit some fire up under his ass. There was no doubt that her and Lamar were over.  So she can finish working her Kardashian magic on em. Shrugs shoulders she is a Cancer woman like myself so she may genuinely like him.  I'm impartial to this matter, with the littlest thought of who's he's with.  French Montan isn't that cute to me, which is a go a Plus for Khloe.  Because she could have a true love connection, and I'm hoping he can make her happy.  I love Khloe, she's my sister from a "Whole nother damn family".  Why sugar coat it...

 Hollywood Life reports:

French Montana, 29, is officially a single man. The rapper has recently ended not one but two relationships in his life. First his break up from Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Khloe Kardashian and now he and his estranged wife, Dean Kharbouch are over. is the first to report that they settled on Sept. 29 and although it’s done deal, it was totally “amicable.

Although they were living separately and dating other people, they were never able to go through the legal process of officially divorcing because of French’s busy schedule. A source tells that French and Dean “wrapped up the divorce peacefully.”

“He was in court on Monday and basically they wrapped up his divorce peacefully,” a source tells us. “They had been together for a long time and they were with each other when neither had money, they had so much in common.

They settled peacefully in court in New Jersey … it’s all wrapped up.” Our insider goes on to tell us that settlement was upwards of $2 million dollars — whoa! “He will have to pay her a large chunk of his fortune but come on they had a son together while married too.” Our insider also tells us that he and Khloe are on “good terms” and still “buds.”

                      French Montana Finalizes Divorce from wife Nadeen Kharbouch, rapper set to pay $2 million settlement
They say that chick above with French Montana is possible Khloe. Kind of looks like her figure, the dong and the long legs a day give away..