50 Cents Son Hangs W/His Enemies

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                 Marquise aka 50 Cents Twin

It trips me out, because my thinking is why is it that your Enemies look out for your son more than you do. 

He just graduated Highschool, in my mind I feel like you neglected him to protect him from your lifestyle that your in.
But there's so many good things you could of exposed him to as a father and having the opportunity of having  the time and the money should be a blessing in itself. 


It's not to late to step up and be a father, he might of graduated but he's still your child.  You should of made more of an effort to be there, damn being invited.  What parent needs to be invited to a Graduation. You call and you ask when is Graduation.. Ass Hole! 

I'd hang out with Floyd & Slow Bucks any day before I gave you the time of day.  Child or no child of yours.