Drakes Boy's Dont Care For Rihanna..Reasons Why.


This is all the tea I've got, so I'm spilling it in one shot. drakes crew DOES not like Rihanna or the type of energy she brings around, they are not happy about them being together this time.

 Prince, Ryan and chubbs sat down after rih and drake were talking again to get hi together, a lot of their beef is because of the WIP incident, Rihanna didn't call drake to see if he was okay, and never stopped by even though she has access to drakes # and his peoples.

They don't think she's loyal. Also, her crew can be pretty reckless, Jennifer is more like her BFF than a serious assistant, Melissa and lelee are there just to get drunk and act rude, total opposite vibe if the boys.

After the sit down drake pretty much ordered rih to prove she was serious by dropping a few business meetings to spend a couple of weeks with him, she did and every time she was around the vibe was very tense amongst his crew.

Oh and drake pays for everything with rih, which his boys clown him for seeing as how she has money too, they think her intentions are more into getting at drakes stability rather than genuinely liking him. drake is acting like this time around he's calling the shots but no one believes him. Should be interesting to see how this plays out since his boys mean the world to him.