Stranded in the Car During a Snow Storm!

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Many people don't stop to think about being prepared in any disaster much more a "Snow Storm".  You never stop too think that its possible that "I'm not going to make it home tonight".  But plenty of Atlanta residents a few weeks back were hit with a rude awakening. 

School buses, Delivery trucks and regular everyday people were trapped in there car for over 24 hours.  Some were lucky enough to close to some of the business that left there door open for people to come in and get out of the cold.  Others not so lucky depending on where they were on the Freeway. 

With that being said its important to have basic and essential items at all times in your car.  This list should consist of at minimal:

1.Change of clothes preferably Wool, the more percentage of wool the better.
ex. Wool Socks, Shirt, Hat and Gloves.

2.Blanket (Wool is better it hold's heat even when wet)

3.Tea light candles (Each candle can add 12 degrees of heat in the vehicle)

4. High energy types of food (candy, nuts, granola bars)

5. Bottled Water

Below is a video of an Atlanta, GA who was smart enough to know too keep a majority of these items and then some when they unexpected snow storm hit them a few weeks backs.  He speaks on his plan of action he had in place prior too and how he executed it. 

I'm from Texas and I can tell you this weather we've been seeing lately is like nothing we've never seen before.  As I type this up there's report's of snow falling as early as Tuesday morning, which is tomorrow.  So I would love for you if you to are part of the Southern region to take heed of what's needed in such a disaster.  I wouldn't wish being stranded in a snow storm on my worst enemy.  I'd really like for people too take from this post the "Importance of being prepared".  You have too think about you and your family if you have one.  It might seem silly to you riding around with half of these items but no one found it funny when they realized they needed them at the time..