Barack "I Can do Whatever I Want" Obama & America's Fledgling Economy.

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Wow, Obama has no shame with the blatant disrespect he dishes out towards America, the Constitution or the Checks and Balances that help create what we hail now as "Democracy".  Originally called a republic if you can recall the actual "Pledge of Allegiance" we once held so dearly as children.  Before it became a crime to be a Proud American. 

Now if you want your children to be able to site anything that references there American Heritage "God" is taken out of it.  Why, do you ask?  Well because we want to be fair too those who don't believe in "God". 

Well I apologize if I offend anyone but "God" was what this nation was built off of.  Not to say if you don't believe in him go somewhere else but allow me the freedom to hold true to my belief.  If you believing in a godless nation is what get's you through your day, so be it.

Back to what Obama was saying about how "I can do whatever I want", he's being treading on thin ice for a while now.  With this ACA (Affordable Care Act) non-sense he signed into law.  As of this weeks he's extended the employer mandate by another year.  Which means millions of American's will be held solely responsible for maintaining there own coverage especially if they've been dropped to part time. 

If your a part time employee an employer isn't required too pay for any health care coverage on your behalf.  I can see it now with the Market and the Stock exchanges were there at now, employers having to cut back due to windfall losses in the coming months. 

Hell, FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg  only holds 19.6% of its own shares, with Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz only having 4.71 himself.  Which begs to answer well why is it that they would hold so little shares in something they created and essentially believe in.  Because that belief is built off the false hope nothing would happen to cause financial turmoil amongst there stocks or any one else's;  They knew what they were doing when they bought all those share penny's on the dollar and then resold only keeping what share's they need to stay relevant.

 They know of the coming collapse of the American Dollar, who doesn't.  Its not a matter of how, but of when.  I'm not saying this to scare you.  But more of an informed warning.  You see the multiple disasters those that have past, and those pending.  When Obama Came into office we were already in a "Recession" if you recall and with the budget tripling twice as fast under Obama, more then any other sitting "President" before him in the last 20 years in there's terms together. 

Well it comes to no surprise that the Dollar is increasingly devaluing in the blink of an eye.  So all I ask you to do is to hold him accountable for the state America is in today, his attitude along with those remarks should make you think twice.  "I can do whatever I want" , is something a Tyrant would say not an American President.

Writer Joanna Ms_Mobetta Stephens

He must of allowed this corny ass song get too his head..