Multiple Car Wrecks & People Stranded Due to Snow Storm in Atlanta,GA

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Woman stranded at the Grocery Story over night.  I know she counting her blessings a lot of people were on the road wishing they could rest there head on a loaf bread.. Me, Myself every time I get paid I buy enough to last me 3 weeks.  Cause you never know what impending disaster could stop you from being able to have fresh water or food. 
I don't know what these people in Atlanta were thinking..Them big ol patches of sleet and ice..Wow! #SitDown You wouldn't of needed a Governer of any where to tell me that..

Things were really not that great today in Atlanta with this Snow Storm that blew through there.  Causing a lot of the roads to be dangerous and in unsafe conditions.  Why would anyone get it in there head to drive in this frigid horrible type of weather is beyond me.  You can barely get my left foot out the door in a light drizzle.. Much more a snow storm.. "I Scoff at Snowstorms".. Less'n one of my babies was on one of them school buses that got stuck at school. Then I'm going to go get my baby come hell or highwater..

Why wouldn't they have all this together..