SF Cops Caught Beating Man *Video

"San Francisco Police really showed there a** thus day".  They took it further then a "Tad to Far". It all started with a simple biking traffic violation, that resulted in them knocking  a kid off of his bike and beating him half to death.. (Click to read more)

Which caused a lot of them neighbors on the block who witnessed the un-provoked attack on this poor man, just leaving from a meeting with the "Make a Wish" Foundation.  Also in the video is countless other unlawful arrest. 

One of which stood out because it was clear the man they arrested wasn't who swung first, it was an plan closed office him self who took the first swing,  I'd be amazed if all those involved even those filing aren't seeking too file a law suit on the City for reckless violations and "blatant" disregard for people's right's.

Hard to watch but this is the Police State we all need and want to avoid..Lets Pray that Justice is served..