Psychic Sylvia Browne Dead?!

Psychic Sylvia Browne Dead

World renowned psychic Sylvia Browne — who've appeared on all sorts of TV shows such as including “Montel". "Larry King Live”  and "Unsolved Mysteries" just to name a few.  Passed away earlier today.  Saddens my heart but "Lord" knows Sylvia is in a better place. People gave her so much guff after coming out and saying Amanda Berry has died and she was found alive.  But I truly believe that maybe a part of Amanda Berry died and Sylvia was picking up on.  As much trauma she went through the innocence was butchered by a psycho.  So essentially she was on target in my book. 

Browne specialized in psychic detective work, and attempted to help on several missing person cases … with varying results.

Browne’s son, Chris, tells TMZ … Sylvia passed away this morning in San Jose, surrounded by family and friends. She was 77.

Browne most recently took heat after famously announcing that Amanda Berry had died after she went missing in 2003 … because, as we all know now, she wasn’t dead. Sylvia chalked up the misinformation as a simple mistake.

The following message was just posted on Sylvia’s Facebook page, “Sylvia graduated today. She was surrounded by family and friends. What a legacy. She shared so much. We will carry on her knowledge with hypnosis and Journey of the Soul and her many books. What a great party they must be having on the Other Side. Bless everyone.”