Team Breezy Shows up To Court 4 #ChrisBrown

So our man Chris Brown had to go to court today for his hearing..

Ok Trey Songz Showed up, which is super odd!  From what I hear he was in the courtroom yelling at the "Bailiff".  He lucky they aint lock his ass up.  First off what grown man goes to his homeboy hearing?  I'm thinking the sentencing or the court case.  But not the first hearing.  I'm just saying (mumbles) "Sounds kind of gay!" But hey that neither here nor there.

  Whom am I to judged?! I kissed a girl and I liked it, for like 3 min before I realized she had kids.  I'm just saying I've date a dude with them.  I can only imagine dating a chick with one! I'm just saying the kids is always around, they daddy don't come get them half the time..

Check out Pics of Team Breezy Below after the Jump...
    Shout out to #TeamBreezy.. All 4 of yawl!

       #BangBangBoom W/ @Ms_Mobetta

Shut up honey, Team Breezy could of stayed at home with these signs they done made on the City Bus on the way there!  I'm just saying I've hear of short notice but damn! 

Bang-->You went through all this trouble for what, that's right too show your support!  All 4 of yawl need jobs!

Bang--->There's no way in the world you can convince me you took off of work for this!

Boom---> So Jesus has already forgave Chris Brown! And we know that becausssse?! (Says slowly & Sarcastically) Hee gottt arrested again?!

the video