Dallas Police Officer Charged in Shooting?!


We have to do a better job of  "policing" in America.  Not just the Police themselves but as citizens.  Not for nothing his mother knew he was mentally ill.  Why would you allow him to run around the city like that.  You should of called Health Services. 

For all we know she has been collecting a check on him.  She should have him somewhere safe is she is unable to care for him.  I feel so bad for this poor man who was shot.  I pray God sends the best care he can receive from this incident and a better chance at a greater life.  In Jesus Name I pray Amen...

Now as for Officer Cardan Spencer who shot him, I pray he's prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  For someone to feel the need to try and take an innocent harmless man's life then to lie on the police report.

 Didn't think there were camera's nearby, it almost makes you wonder about other stories of cops saving the day.  Hmmph! Well all I can say is there are some actual great cops out here.  I wouldn't allow this story to deter from that fact.

I was reading a story the other day about a cop who was called to Wal-Mart because a Mother of 3 was caught trying to wheel Hundreds of Dollars of Groceries out to feed her kids.  The cop who was called in, ended up paying for her groceries and with help from the media on reporting the story it helped the mother to find a job.

I believe in our Chief of Police David Brown.