Rihanna "Pour It Up" *Video

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After long drawn out delays from creative differences and directions the day of the release of Rihanna's Pour It Up Video is finally here!

So yea this was everything I wasn't expecting she had some nice dancers in the video, I'm just so use to her videos being so well done it was hard to swallow this one.

 I mean who the hell directed this a 13 year old pre-pubescent boy.  Rihanna was hot as always, I just feel as though the direction of the video could of been hotter. 

Mind you I'm not knocking Rihanna, its what ever ass shot this video, that I have a problem with.

Rihanna - Pour It Up (Explicit) by emreorhan_1997

 I'm just saying that wouldn't of never allowed BeyoncĂ© to go out like that, never!

I'm starting to think Jay & Bey are now trying to sabotage there one Baja Princess in an effort to make Rita Ora Relevant.. But try as they may I don't think she'd ever hold a flame t