@Flotus Michelle Obama on Strike!

Michelle Obama has decided since congress isn't agreeing to the funding of Obama Care and there terms she's no longing tweeting. 

When I seen this all that came to my mind was boo flipping hoo! If  that easy for the rest of us in the world.  It's like your job saying "Were not paying you to fund your lifestyle", and you going "Your no longing paying me well I wont tweet".  First off who in the hell's bells with  my tax money was paying you too tweet".

 Better not been nobody! Cause I smell a lawsuit if anything you'd think she'd tweet more explaining why we should fund this Bull spit they been trying to get funded. 

 Now I'd like to think of myself as something like the ultimate #InfoWarrior there's not much you can get past me in regards to this government cause I make it my point to not stick to the mainstream media for the truth.  I go straight to the source.

  If more black people got off the fact they think republicans are trying to hurt you and actually take the time to listen to them on CSPAN or other outlets on the actual reason why there doing this.  I can honestly say as a black woman you'd understand what there fighting for and that's for us.

 It's disheartening to see so many people not being aware of the real deal I can only imagine how the congress member's fighting on our behalf feels seeing all these people against them when there fighting for you.  Kind of how Batman feel's fighting evil only to have the cops have beef with him for no apparent reason other then he's doing there job and then some.

Now before you get ignorant and leave a comment trying to dispute other wise I'm going to need you to do a thing called actual "Research".  Because I guarantee you I'm the last one you want to go toe to toe with on the facts cause I can actually bring them to you.  So Marinate on that prior to coming off as an ignant (Not ignorant) fool.  Love @Ms_Mobetta

My best advice to you is to ask your self why?  While your wandering take a look at some of these sites