#TweetsWatching Bow Wow Confirms Ex-GF Angela Simmons as New Co-host

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In The Tweets: Bow Wow Officially Welcomes Angela Simmons as 106&Park Co-Host… [PHOTOS]

Jul, 5 2013 | Written by ATLien

Bow Wow Angela Simmons 106 and Park 4
Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend, Angela Simmons, have been spending quite a bit of time together but now they’re gonna have to be dayum near inseparable!
As you know… when Bow Wow took the 106 and Park gig last year he had three co-hosts: Paigion, Shorty Da Prince and Miss Mykie.
It was always questioned why BET chose to replace two people (Terrence J & Rocsi Diaz) with four people, but I’d heard it was due to Bow Wow’s hectic scheduling issues and in case one was out, the others would “fill in”.
Well apparently that’s all been worked out because  Bow Wow hit the tweets a few days ago to make a very special announcement…

Bow Wow Tweet 1
Bow Wow’s 3 co-hosts have been mysteriously absent over the past few months and word on the curb is that they weren’t even told why they were put on hold.
Recently Angela Simmons has been appearing in their place and I guess it’s all official now. The three co-hosts out and Angela Simmons is in.

Could you work side-by-side with your ex?

What do you think of this recent pairing?