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I was a bit skeptical at first just because how slow it was starting out, but once you got the idea of what was going on (after the first 30-40 minutes) you understand why they laid it out as they did; It makes the movie that more intriguing.  My non-existent ass was at the edge of my seat.  The characters just as in actual life all had there roles to play and like some not all executed that role with grace. (Click for more)

 I'd like to start off by saying what an excellent cast they put together for this film, you'd think there would of been more buzz about it, with Channing Tatum at the helm.  Jude Law, although older now is still easy on the eyes.  I love his complexes he has in all his characters.  This one differed only because here was a man trying to get his life back , he was persistent in finding out the truth that lead to his demise.
  Not everyone has the will to undo what damage was done to our lives.  We find it much easier to go on and pray that God picks up the pieces instead of getting to the root of the problem ourselves.  Its almost scary the effect we allow others to have on us.  Catherine Zeta Jones we all know she's a certified freak so her character in this movie came as no surprise, but none the less it was a very convincing role.  Dare I say she's even more sexier to me after viewing this film. 
Rooney Mara I'm only guessing that's chick who played Channing's wife in the movie because there's four names and four faces on the box; I would find it quite confusing if it weren't who they were talking about.  But she was  a breath of fresh air, if they had not gotten her to play that part, the whole movie could of turned out to be an epic fail.  I'm picturing in my mind Julia Stiles or Jessica Biel trying to act out this complex intriguing story line and holding my interest at the same time.  Even in my head I cant see it being so beautifully done.  "Side Effects", I have to admit is one of those movies that make you wonder if any one of them in the movie actually won an award for it.. Without giving away much of the movie I hope I've inspired you or sparked a bug in ya to go out to your local #RedBox and make it a #RedBoxMovie Night because this was great movie..