Recently Fired Hot 97 Star K Foxx set to Expose Mister C & Funk Master Flex Bromance

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Mister Cee & BF Funk Flex
HSK Exclusive - Funkmaster Flex, and BFF Mister Cee could soon be put on blast. Know why? Because sources tell us former Hot97 FM New York City radio personality/reality star K. Foxx is thinking about writing a tell-all.
This, after we’re told K. Foxx was fired from the station, with K. Foxx believing if Funkmaster Flex had her back and spoke with program director Ebro Darden — before he gave her the boot over her spot on “Gossip Game” — she’d still have her radio gig.

Here’s the drop:

“K Foxx wants to tell everybody about Funk Master Flex and Mister Cee taking long lunch breaks together and Ebro turning his head the other way.
Flex’s wife is threatening to expose Flex and Mister Cee too! That’s why Flex gave her whatever she wanted during their divorce.”
K. Foxx Blasts Funk Flex & Mister Cee
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