Ciara Monitoring Future's Phone for Groupies & Babymamas

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Ciara Scared Future is Cheating

Don’t Believe Me.. Ask 50 Cent..

HSK Exclusive - We’ve learned Ciara is going to the extremes of searching through Future’s cell phone, and calling back numbers on it, to see if the rapper is cheating.
And, that’s not all! Sources reveal CiCIi’s even set up a fake Twitter account, using it to harass Nayvadius ‘Future’ Wilburn’s baby mommas and jump-offs!
Ciara Harassing Futures Baby Mommas
Here’s the drop:
“Ciara hasn’t learn her lesson, because the same thing she did with 50 Cent she’s doing with Future. CiCi used to call back all the girls 50 was messing with and she’s doing the same with Future.”
Ciara Harassing Future's Baby Mamas
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