Rachel Jeantel to recieve a Scholarship?!

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Do you think Rachel deserves all the sudden fame and gifts?

Tom Joyner Offers Rachel Jeantel A Full Scholarship Via Black America Web reports:

      Rachel Jeantel was thrust into the spotlight after she testified in the George Zimmerman trial detailing her friendship with her slain friend, Trayvon Martin. However, instead of people encouraging Jeantel and supporting the teen who will forever live with the burden of being the last person to talk to Martin before his death, the 19-year-old was berated for her speech, appearance, mannerisms and “lack of education.” Jeantel’s testimony and her recent appearance on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”, greatly impacted radio legend Tom Joyner and since he first saw her on the stand, Joyner has been determined to help Jeantel. Tuesday morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Joyner offered an olive branch to the embattled teen, offering her a possible full scholarship to any HBCU through the Tom Joyner Foundation. Joyner proclaimed, “Hi Rachel, this is Tom Joyner, I love you, I really do love you”, Jeantel, shyly giggles before responding, “I know.” But, Jeantel didn’t know how much she was loved because, Joyner was soon to dramatically change her life in a matter of minutes, saying, “If you want to graduate from high school, and go to an HBCU, even if it’s not in Florida but especially Florida, like Florida Memorial, Edward Waters or FAMU, if you want to do that, I want to help you do that.” Joyner did not only offer his assistance in college, he wants to help her get there, adding,

“I will help you get tutors to get you out of high school, tutors to help you pass the SAT and I will give you a full ride scholarship to any HBCU you’d like.” Jeantel, who we later learned was in shock from the offer, simply responded “thank you.” Later in the interview, Jeantel hinted that she might pursue a career in law enforcement but she reminded Joyner and the crew she “doesn’t like bodies” or funerals. -

Im glad someone reached out and touched her mind.. Because I was uber concerned for her well being she didn't seem as though she was aware with what was happening in her mind much more on the phone that day she testified.  Its getting scary out here for black people, not in the sense people are killing us we do enough of that on our own. 97% of black deaths are commited by other blacks in America (So lets keep it real) The problem were having is with education if there were more Black children educated in there right and there well being as well as education in general we'd be better off.  There's nothing more annoying to me then talking to someone so un-educated about the world black or white, but especially black.  Because we've been through so much you'd think that we'd be more diligent in raising our children in wanting to succeed..