Mimi Faust Catching Flack for BreastFeeding Daughter Til 3yo's

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Mimi says she had a good reason for nursing her daughter into toddlerhood… Mimi Faust Reveals Why She Breastfed Her Daughter Until Age 3 After LHHATL cast member Mimi Faust revealed on the most recent episode that she nursed her daughter Eva until she was three years old while explaining to fellow cast mate Erica Dixon her justification behind wanting to get her lady lumps lifted, the side-eyes and “WTF?” faces were endless. Following her revelation, Mimi caught plenty of flack from people wondering why she breastfed for so long, and she recently explained exactly why during a quick sit down with VH1.

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 “Let me tell you,” Mimi said, “my daughter wouldn’t eat, all she wanted was breast milk. She was really adamant about not eating baby food, she just wanted breast milk.

 I wish I would have brought my Flip Cam, I have video of when I tried to feed her baby food. She was like ‘Nope, I’m not eating that!’ But when she grew in teeth and was, you know, asking for it, I said enough is enough. When you’re asking for the boob…yeah.”

I myself don't see anything wrong with it.  I think it was very smart of her to do so, in some cultures they go longer,  Its very beneficial for the baby and you.  A lot women lose there mind trying to lose weight after a baby when all they have to do is breastfeed.  If I could start lactating right now to burn a bunch of calories I would especially if the nutrients benefited my child in there growth.  If you knew what these formulas are based off of you'd breast feed your child  Infant formula warning: The poisoning of infants with formula products, and why breastfeeding is best.  People say well take them to Mcdonalds if you only knew what there food was made out of you'd might as well be digging in the dumpster behind Chili's atleast you'd have actual beef or meat.#MobettaThoughts Kudo's to a Mimi being a health smart mom, actually giving a damn in going an extra mile in making sure her baby girl is good.
Infant formula warning: The poisoning of infants with formula products, and why breastfeeding is best