12 YO Egyptian Boy breaks Down "Egypts Revolution"

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We as Americans like to think, "Ohh How good I have it, were so far advanced technology wise".Lie. "We have better schools". Another lie. "Our children are smarter" Big fat lie.. Just cause your baby knows how to unlock your cell phone or snap pictures at 3 means he's brilliant.  Just means he has great observational skills and he's able to keep up with the technology he was born unto.  For ex. Him unlocking your cell phone was to you holding the house phone to speak to someone at that age.  It was amazing you were even holding the receiver back then. Ha! Ask your elders if they ever had they picture taken holding the receiver of them old ass phones? IJS...

Point is this 12 year old boy is way more advanced mentally then even a lot of adults in America running things.  There's nobody you could put up against this little warrior and this is just some random kid they pulled off the street.  It was refreshing to see someone so young to be able to articulate and expand on his thoughts in a way you'd wished a lot of politicians would be able to do.  The sad part about it is that these are the same children there throwing off buildings and killing over there Muslim Brotherhood Kills and hacks Egyptian children up!! and all I can do is pray for the young boy there hailing  as a "Future President" and who could blame him he articulates better then a lot of them I've seen and that's including the one they just over through "Morsy". 

I pray that his message makes a difference in what mind sets we should be establishing for our children here.  In helping them to be more aware to what's not only going on in there environment's but also others.  First it starts with us.   I think a wise man said it best with "A fool learns from his mistakes, A wise man's learns from others".  I believe life is the best teacher but a lot of the times we don't have to go through what someone else may have if were just more aware and awoke;  That's a call to bring all of us together there shouldn't be a race, creed, sex, or ideology when I say that. I say that as Americans and that's anybody who in America right now, legal or not.  You here we all going through some of the same things in one way, shape or form.

 So lets stand together on building a better one.  With all this NSA and illegal spying and kids getting arrested over joking on facebook about killing people.  Never mind the lol or j/k that followed yo lil ass is arrested and been in jail for 3 months getting assaulted (true story in America),  Its time to rip these phones out these kids hands and hand them a book.  Make them watch grass roots media. Let me stop cause I can go on forever on what i'd love to see for our kids.  Check out this 12 year old Egyptian boy schooling the reporter on the streets of Cairo, Egypt.