@KimKardashian ITWO @MichaelBlackson "I Cant get Jiggy Wit diz Shit"

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Kanye standing there like "I cant believe she put this shit on". "I was just kidding when I pulled it out the bag, I didn't think she'd actually like it". (A bad prank went to far). 

That's exactly what it looks like she's wearing and the look on Kanye's Face is priceless.. lol I thought when you had a big but your back was suppose to arch back not grow back fat that blends with your ass... Make you look like one big awkard potatoe..Guess that explains why we'll never see the likes of "Lil Kim" or Nicki Minaj having a baby; If they do,how the pregnancy carries on there frames will show you what's real.  Kim's ass never looked as fake as it does now.. Im just saying. 

Kanye probably hears the whispers of all the High Society in Paris, Milan, Italy, England, NY and beyond laughing he got stuck fertilizing the plant that not even Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy Designer & Kanye's rumored Boyfriend)himself would water on a dry thirsty day.

  From what I understand the foolery she had on was designed by Riccardo Tisci especially for the MET Gala .I imagine the original name on the draft read "Dusty Hag" cause that's exactly what that dress looks like..seriously.. I bet Kanye and Riccardo had a good laugh later...  Kim I'm only bringing this to your attention because you have a habit of allowing other to control and lead you.  In my mind he gave you that dress and you thinking "Oh how sweet" (This is ugly but I don't want to hurt his feelings or offend his good friend at the Gala so I'll wear it". 

 You have never had a miss, I just don't believe that you picked that out and if you did I think you was trying to be funny.  Cause you wanted to diffuse some of the rumors about Riccardo and Kanye together as a couple in Paris. You wanted to show that couldn't be by wearing one of his designs".  I don't know but all I know is my first theory sits right with me. But hey then again all I can do is speculate, I have the right to do that seeing as though there is a show based on your reality and we all tend to lie (some just better then others)...(shrugs shoulders)

Then she goes and Keeks & Tweets her private life with him out to the world (You don't see Tisci doing that) She caught herself trying to make soul food a moment ago and MediaTakeOut has bets going that she boiled the "Fried Chicken" first.  Which im starting to aide with because the meat looked cooked but the crust is soggy (scrunches face) and I cant tell the Banana Pudding from the Macaroni.  Instead of showing her cooking it and taking pictures once it was finished.  I wanted her to post a pic or a video of him actually eating the shit and holding it down.. IJS

I cant get Jiggy with that dress or this so called Soul Food.