Mike Epps Calls His Older Children Ugly?!

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This is horrible, I am a comedian myself.  So to see him brutally verbally attack his own children on stage I was a bit taken back as just about everyone in the audience was when those words flowed out of his mouth.   I understand we all go through issues with our family but we either get over them or move on.  Harboring over an issue with family is an easy solve as long as you know how to approach learn and re-approach if necessary to address the situation.  But that's kind of hard to do after the person you trusted to raise, care and love you says such hurtful things that Mike Epps Uttered out of his mouth. The fact he thought it ok to belittle his eldest children and the mothers who brought them into this world shows you how altered his mind set has become in this industry.  Its a shame but all this will come back and bite him in the ass, guaranteed one way or another.  Check this ridiculous clip after the break.