Michael Jordans Secret Son!

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Its sad out here what these entertainers and athletes at how far they'd go to disown there own flesh and blood to uphold there moral standing in society.  Honestly we all knew Michael Jordan is/was a hoe,no support son, hell I  wouldn't be shocked if he had what I like to call the "Tiger Effect" where now all his secret children started coming out and talking about how Michael's denied them there whole life.  No amount of money in the whole wide world can make up for any parent not being apart of there child's life, especially a man to his son.  Click to read more

Not to say he didn't have any Fatherly support growing up or good male role models.  But that's like finding out your Daddy is Diddy and you sitting there thinking to self..I've been buying this nycca music, clothes, and cologne and supporting him but he couldn't support me as his son.  I say we don't know what the situation is. 

I guess if you think about it, the only other way we knew of Jordans other children is cause he was out in the spotlight with them;  Its is a lot to explain to people you honestly dont owe an explanation to.  This should of been a private matter but now I say, now that its out in the open and he and Juanita been divorced for years now.

  I'd say now would be a great time to address it and pull out any more hidden children, just so they feel acknowledged and loved.  I believe that's all Taj Jordan is asking for and that's not much to ask.  Fathers start acknowledging and loving your children.  Stop being hoes...