Ex-Danity Kane Member Dawn Richards-Automatic Video

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I was about to go ham & cheese on this video til I found an article that explained the concept, which I fully understand now, but I still feel it could of been executed alot better then this for this to be such a hot song..I mean she did want this to play on MTV,VH1, BET & Etc... I really probably wouldnt even known about this song or video, if it wasnt for my constant curiosity into whats happening in the biz.. I mean I love Dawn she has an Amazing body, a beautiful voice.. But WTF!? Was up with this video it was border line Beyonce-isque/Rhianna-chique in a half assed kind of way.. The dancer on the right of her in the video cant contain her facial expressions..Like this the first anything she ever been in professionally..Now mind you she did her thang but her grinning or whatever her cheekbones was doing standing next to Dawn took away the whole focus of just Dawn... Which didnt make any sense, Whatsoever! Because this was her video...

I dont even know why she had 2 female background dancers and why there faces were so visible. In Beyonce video "Single Ladies" you couldnt tell them heffers apart..It wasn't until "Sweet Dreams" that I realized "Wow, them is two differents Heffa's" and even then I was skeptikal..So it took them heffas going on tour with her for me to actually accept there was 2 different heffas dancing on the side of my girl Beyonce... Cause her presence damn near blurrs anybody standing to the left or right of her in any Sight of View...I love this song..Despite this video..But if watched again, confusion would lead me to hate this song..I wonder if Diddy has seen thiss...SMDH I should ask em what he thinks on twitter..

Sings the word "Trash" (In a Highpitched carried out tuned nearly loses her breath and collaspses from the loss of air to her brain, goes into a 10 min coma and wakes up with a gulp of fresh air finishes about 30 mo seconds of ashhhhhhhhhh before I pass out again) ,and scene! (Check out the article which explains this buffonery)
Gino DePinto, AOL
Dawn Richard sends a bold message in the visuals for "Automatic," a song featured on her lauded Armor On EP. While the track details the story of a lover declaring independence from a controlling partner, the video finds the singer transforming from a golden robot to a black symbiotic entity, the latter being the true self she identifies with.

"For this video, we wanted to show the depth and versatility to our story," the former Danity Kane star tells The BoomBox. "With 'Bombs,' we focused on full out choreography. We wanna bring something new every time we release a visual. With 'Automatic,' it's more story-focused. It's the rebellion against what the world wants you to be and what really lies underneath it all when you realize your own self-worth."

In the Michael Johnson-directed clip, Richard and two female dancers showcase energetic choreography, contorting their bodies and displaying synchronized moves. The songstress sports metallic paint in one scene and a blonde bob paired with black body makeup in another.

"Automatic" is the follow-up to the entertainer's first Armor On single "Bombs."