Erykah Badu's Baby Daddy Jay Electronica Gets Caught Banging out The Richest Mans in The World Wife, Causes her to Catch BeatDown

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What is the Deal?

Married 10 years ago at the ages of 19 (Kate) and 21 (Ben) two of the wealthiest families in the world. Fortunes combined with there marriage equalled over 1 Billion Dollars.  But after 10 years and 3 children.  Kate Rothschild has found love in anothers arm and thats with Jay Electronica?! Erykah Badu Baby daddy! The New Orleans born rapper is apart of Kates Record Label in London called Round Table and after more then a few months together.. They've been banging it out..

So you ask well "What Happened when He found out about there affair"?

Ben Goldsmith, Kates Husband found her phone and the Hot Steamy Text Messages back and forth between the two.  Kate when Confronted by her husband denied the affair at first, but when he brought up the fact that he had seen the text messages. 

She quickly recanted her lie and admitted to sleeping with Jay Electronica, which caused her Husband to come out of pocket.  In which at the time a childs toy was present he kicked it across the room which caused the bruising of Kate's Leg.  The police were then called and Ben Goldsmith was carted off til he posted out of Jail.. Wow is all I can say.  Jay Electronica has single handedly caused the upset of two of the Greatest Banking industries in the world.. Both Kate & Ben Goldsmith Married to satisfy the Merger of both Industries 10 years ago. Wonder what happens now? Dang Where is Erykah Badu when you need a quote!